“I wanted to thank you for the tour and time while in Sidney. Your enthusiasm and excitement was awesome! Dori and I both were thrilled about the time you spent with us. I like the work you are doing on the social networking front – keep it up – your doing a great job branding Sidney. All my best.”
-Derek Zumwalt, Sacramento, CA

“Moving back to my hometown was a dream come true! Oshkosh’s central location for distribution has proved perfect for our thriving cofee company. We employ a very talented staff and have built great relationships within the Garden County community and it’s businesses. It’s great to be home! Stop by for the best coffee you’ve ever had!”
-Mike Piva for Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees – Oshkosh Roastery/Espresso Bar Cafe. Oshkosh, NE

“Right out of college I lived in Omaha, NE for two years and decided to move back to Cheyenne County. Living in a different town is like staying at a friend’s house for vacation, it is fun and exciting to visit but there is nothing like the comfort of your own home. Moving back tot his area was the best decision of my life.”
-Paul Brogren, Sidney, NE

“Thanks for all the work you do!!! High Plains Compass is truly awesome. I have directed many people to your site and your publications!! What a great endeavor. Thanks for your support for our organization as well! Keep up the good work!”
-Carla Kirby, Kimball, NE

“WOW, love the Compass! Enjoyed reading every word, thank you for your hard work in promoting our communities!”
-Becky Rankin, Lodgepole, NE

“Thanks for this post (about Crawford, NE and Fort Robinson, NE)! I recently attended a family reunion in Fort Robinson. Our family golfed, went tubing, visited the museums, and enjoyed the scenery while grilling out. This area is rich with history and a GREAT place to visit! Close by is the Crazy Horse Monument which I tell everyone is a must-see attraction. Thanks again for sharing this information, I hope more people visit soon!”
-Kim Seegrist, Atlanta, GA

“Thanks for the nice job promoting Crawford in your monthly E-Newsletter. I really appreciate what you are doing for the Panhandle area.”
-Tim Kreider, Kreider Insurance Agency, Crawford, NE

“It was very nice to meet you at the Wal-Mart Grand Re-Opening and I thank you for your information so far in advance. That is one thing that has been missing from the area, especially if you waited to see it in the newspaper. Thanks again!”
-Barry Waddell, CFO, The Egging Company, Gurley, NE

“Thank you for taking time to come to Chadron to talk to Chamber Members about the High Plains Compass! You gave lots of great information and I know I am more aware of the service you offer! Thank you for doing such a great job of getting our events out there!”
-Colette Fernandez, Executive Director, Chadron Chamber of Commerce

I think you are doing an amazing job with expanding the High Plains Compass. I personally love getting ideas for local things to do and/or support. It is something that has been needed for a long time. Thank you!”
-Elizabeth Hutches, Sidney, NE

High Plains Compass is awesome! I saw that Way Out West was having auditions for their musical production of “Back to the 80s,” so I went and auditioned. And I ended up with one of the main parts! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!”
-Samantha Peterson, Denver, CO

“High Plains Compass, thanks for the incredibly informative tour of Sidney. I really appreciate the inside advice that you were able to share as a resident of the town. You answered all of my questions and impressed me with how well connected you are with the community. Your chipper attitude and bright demeanor are indicative of the warmth radiating for this cozy little city. I look forward to working with you again to find housing for myself and my Golden Retriever. Warmest Regards, Zach.”
-Zachary Smith, Washington D.C.

“I am so excited about the Church Basement Ladies! We’re from Minnesota and have known about it for years but never had the opportunity to see it when we lived there! Thanks for bringing them to the panhandle!!!!!”
-Debra Marquardt Bird, formerly from Shawano, WI, currently in Sidney, NE








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